Reviews of Whipping Boy

... like nothing I’ve ever read, an investigative memoir that’s honest, funny, sad, and edge-of-the-chair suspenseful. I loved it.

Dan Okrent, author of Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition

...wonderfully conceived and wonderfully executed.

Ricky Jay, author of Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women

Kurzweil takes readers on a suspenseful and thrilling ride. entertaining, sharply reported picaresque...a crime saga that’s ripe with hilarious humbuggery.

Publishers Weekly

Full of intrigue and suspense, the story follows the bizarre twists and turns of one man’s journey to find and confront his childhood tormentor—ready-made for a film treatment.

Kurkus Reviews

… a fascinating, multi-pronged morality tale about victimhood, skewed perception and the liberation of facing your demons.

A captivating hybrid of investigative journalism and memoir…. Kurzweil is not simply settling a private score; he’s standing up for anyone who has ever been bullied.

Chicago Tribune

… a memoir that reads like a thriller as the author circles the globe to find the man who made his boarding school days a living hell.

…pleasure-packed…[makes] the wily con artists in American Hustle look stuffy by comparison.


Kurzweil puts both his journalistic and literary skills to wonderful use in his ‘investigative memoir’…


Allen Kurzweil has made a career as an author, but his latest work is much more than a book. It’s the ultimate therapy session, a confrontation of childhood demons 40 years in the making.